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KR Table Tennis Club is located in Hagaskóli sportshall (Íþróttahús Hagaskóla, Neshaga 3), the central entrance. We welcome new members, young, old, beginners and advanced players.

Our timetable is available in Icelandic under Æfingar – Æfingatímar.

Cost of training in autumn 2020

The cost for training in the elite and young elite group is 46,000 ISK for the autumn semester. The table tennis school (aimed at children who are beginners) pays 26,000 ISK. Other groups for children and teenagers pay 33,000 or 39,000 ISK, depending on the group. Old boys/girls play once a week and pay 16,000 ISK for the autumn semester. It is free to come once and try our practices.

Please register through the Nóri registration system, under “Skráning – Iðkenda/félagaskráning (Nóri)” or  using the button “Skráning og greiðsla æfingagjalda” on the front page of the KR website (www.kr.is).

For more information please contact the club at bordtennisdeildkr@gmail.com.

Updated August 26, 2020.

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