Welcome to KR Swimming Club’s homepage. Our club’s aim is to provide various swimming programs in a benevolant environment for children, teenagers and adults. Our program is designed for those who want to improve their swimming skills, for those who want to work out in a positive, healthy and good company as well as for those who want to go all the way in heavy training to challenge the best. All those groups are accounted for and have their place in KR Swimming Club. In order to give our best to every swimmer, we have a well defined group hierarchy that incorporates the goals for each group.
These pages of KR Swimming Club provide you with plenty of information about our team. The frame on the left takes you through the chapters of the homepage:

  • Forsíða: Front page
  • Fréttir: News
  • Dagskrá: Upcoming events
  • Fyrirmyndarfélag: Club quality statements
  • Æfingar og gjaldskrá: Groups, training schedule, prices
  • Fólkið: Coaches, board, swimmers, parents
  • Lágmörk og úrslit: Qualifying times and results
  • Afrekaskrá: ten best times, all strokes, male and female.
  • Æfingafatnaður: Club uniforms
  • Myndaalbúmið: Picture album

This is the only part of our homepage that is in English. If you are interested in our team or want any further information, feel free to contact us at sund@kr.is.

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