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The name of the club is Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur but it is usually shortened into KR. In English the name is read Reykjavik F.C. KR is the oldest athletic club in Iceland. It was initially founded as a football club, but over time the club developed into an all around sports club, participating in badminton, basketball, bowling, handball, table-tennis, skiing, swimming, wrestling etc. KR has been among the leading clubs in Iceland for most sports.

Sports in Iceland are run at the amateur level. In football, however, players can be signed as contract players and are then looked upon as semi-professionals. All the players in KR´s first team squad are contract players. The clubs mainly produce their own players with teams going down to the ages of 7-8 years. Out of the 21 players on KR´s first team about half are local players.

The average attendance at KR´s home games in the Premier division in the 1999 season was about 2500, by far the highest, and a record in modern football in Iceland. For matches of special interest, figures of 4000-6000 have been recorded, such as in European matches when the opposition is of special interest to the Icelandic public or in the Cup finals.

KR´s largest attendance was nearly 10.000 and game in a match against Liverpool F.C. in the European Champion’s Cup in 1964 played at the city’s main stadium Laugardalsvollur. More recently, 7000 spectators watched a friendly, also against Liverpool F.C., in 1984 and 7500 saw the Cup final against ÍA F.C. in 1999. KR´s stronghold is the western part of Reykjavik, which has always been the home of the club. One of the club’s nickname is “Vesturbæjarstórveldið” which might be translated into “The West-City Empire”. The home ground of KR, KR-völlur (KR-stadium) is in the heart of the western part of Reykjavik. It has a capacity of about 5000 spectators.

The team colours are black and white, and the shirts have vertical black and white stripes, while the shorts are black with white lining.

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Homepage : www.kr.is

football :      www.kr.is/knattspyrna

Basketball : www.kr.is/karfa

Swimming : www.kr.is/sund


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